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Project Management

Organizations are becoming more project-centric by the day – this means they are interested not just in running a business but growing it too. Whether you need to design and execute a plan or a role player to provide interim support to keep your projects on schedule and within budget, you can rely on Continex.

Continex is a leading provider of project management services and has established a proven track record for effectively jump starting an organizations project management control systems and building a solid foundation for the successful management of a project. Our technical and project management experts are uniquely suited and dedicated to the success of our customers and to the quality of the solutions they provide.

While each work contract has a specific staff assignment, Continex project managers consult closely within the office to ensure that special, relevant experiences and skills are applied to each client's situation. When applied to a project, this wealth of expertise results in reduced project ramp times, more effective anticipation of potential trouble areas, smoother project phase transitions, and the ability to successfully meet project deadlines and budgets.

Continex staff appreciates the varying needs of each client, and our extensive experience enables us to provide our clients with the tools to effectively maneuver through the intricacies of any project. We have found that excellent results are produced by the right combination of skills, communication, preparation and attention to detail, and we have consistently been able to help our clients exceed project expectations in terms of quality, schedule and cost performance.

Continex provides the following services:

  • In planning stage, Continex can open up discussions with global sellers of sub systems, company, technology, Support for Feasibility Study (Defines requirements and assesses risks), budget, timelines and selection of location.
  • In tendering stage, Receiving EOIs, evaluation of quotations, participation and appoint contractors and consultants for the project.
  • In design / manufacturing stage, Continex can offer its expertise in international procurement of machineries / plants / components, Third party testing & inspection services.
  • Process engineering and training to manpower, upon commissioning.
  • Process implementation and quality system implementation.
  • Produces all necessary documentation and project management deliverables.
  • Collaborates closely with your team.


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