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Product Sourcing

Continex offers specialized solutions to source low cost components from Indian market for manufacturers looking to source internationally.

Helps manufacturers primarily in Europe to source low cost components from India which include sheet metal fabrication products, machined products, rubber products, condenser assembly for boilers, construction piling foundation components and many other engineering products. Sourcing of these products is offered as a total package which includes, design, development, production right through to delivery at Customer’s warehouse in the UK. Continex can offer Contract Manufacturing facilities for buyers for long term sourcing and assist in identifying potential suppliers across India.

The trust and relationship with our vendors enables us to source products with fulltime access to their manufacturing facilities and flexibility in designing manufacturing processes as per our client’s needs. As we do constant checks on the commercials and consistency in quality of goods while manufacturing itself, our vendors remain committed to supply products to us at best prices always and at desired quality levels. Our procurement prices are definitely competitive when compared to an direct overseas buyer and the benefits are being shared with our principals. Buyers intern rely on us entirely in inspecting the components and they are being relieved from worries about quality and timely supply of goods.

CAPABILITIES: Our engineers and managers contributions are through design, new product development, re-engineering to strategic sourcing, setting-up manufacturing process, inspection services, certification for quality compliance, packaging and delivery at customer warehouse anywhere in the world.


Sourcing For Engineering :

Continex supplies engineering products globally in the following categories :

  • Ferrous castings, forgings and sheet metal products (limited to 200kg per component)
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Fasteners
  • Natural and Synthetic Rubber products
  • Nylon and Plastic parts
  • Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Machined Parts
All Products


Sourcing For Non-Engineering :

Continex has developed capabilities and works with suppliers in India and around the world in the following non-engineering product categories:
  • Plastic parts (injection / extrusion / blow molded)
  • Resin products

We have requisite manpower, expertise and market presence to source similar or products you need from Asia and deliver them to anywhere in the world.

Sourcing of non-engineering products is offered as a total package which includes, design, development, production right through to delivery at Customer’s warehouse in the UK.

Typical timelines to deliver their products into Europe is shown below:
Contract Manufacturing:

Continex helps global companies source components directly from our Contract manufacturers. Our tie-ups with ISO 9001 certified component supplying companies is one of our major strengths in this business.

Continex formulates supply agreements between Continex, our clients and our supplier/s upon consultations with the parties in order to protect primarily the commercial, technical, Intellectual property rights of the overseas buyers, Continex and the contract manufacturer’s interests. The buyer manages the contract and our technical team can take responsibility in maintaining quality of the manufactured parts as per buyer’s terms.

Continex has executed such contract manufacturing arrangements for overseas companies and for incoming new projects Continex can offer this service on a consultation basis till the contract manufacturer is identified. The company offers this service Pan - India basis, through its offices in Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad. Our working arrangement with the buyers is flexible too and each contract is normally designed to suit our prospective buyer’s purchase operation or business logic.


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