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Business Consulting

Aimed at supporting companies interested to enter Indian market, these business Consulting services help customers who are in the process of Identifying Indian buyers of technology in India or joint venture partners. We have specific tailor-made services for those who are seeking to developing business in India for their products or services.

Some of the specialized services are:

Market Analysis

Continex specializes in offering customized study of Indian market to facilitate market entry and profiling of prospective partners, end users and distributors. Continex assists in the area of identifying right partners in technology and supports acquisition of technology. Other services include commercial investigations, market analysis and Intelligence. Have helped several global companies in studying the Indian market in relation to introducing their products and arriving at a comprehensive marketing plan for India.

Business Partner Search

Offers support to Indian companies looking to expand their current businesses either through a JV or market expansion. Through its network of offices in Europe, Continex is well placed to assist in International partner search especially focused on manufacturing engineering. Continex offers solutions to overseas companies in identifying potential partners, distributors either in India or abroad. Having helped several companies, it also supports to set up operations in India and facilitates project management, plant erection and capital equipment sourcing. Offers support services in managing contracts, financial registration with specific regard to repatriation norms and governing taxation policies in the Indian environment.

Trade Advisory

While the key focus for Continex is enabling Business development for global companies planning to enter Indian market it is highly imperative to offer an end to end solution delivering services to them right from a clear understanding about the Indian market till their target business goal is achieved. Continex offers flexibility in the selection of range of services that Global customers can pick and choose based on their requirements.

For clients who are new to India, Continex offers long term solutions that could enable with knowledge and understanding of Indian market in a phased manner. For example we could come up with portfolio of services for a year that could deal with their market entry right from preparing a road map of their end goals, be it appointing of distributors or identifying land for setting up of their plant, while doing so clients can prepare through market research, analysis, identifying potential end users, contact programme with potential customers, business programme management. We have helped many companies to understand Indian market with Geographical and Demographical reviews of their product vis’ a vis’ Indian market which is so diverse.

Our in-depth expertise, combined with our proven best practices and techniques, allow us to provide customers across all industries with better solutions that are comprehensive, reliable, and of the highest quality. The turnkey services are provided by us encompass Market Analysis, Business partner search, Contact and Business programme management, developing a strategy for a low cost operation, setting up in India and project management. Even though we work with specific sector focus, our services are primarily driven by our knowledge and understanding of the Indian market.

Typical long term projects undertaken are :

  • Market analysis
  • Listing potential distributors /customers across India
  • Visit to different regions in India
  • One to one meetings listed distributors /customers
  • Shortlisting distributors
  • Framing legal agreements and appointment of Indian distributors
  • Contact programme with key customers
  • Partner representation support to achieve specific business objectives
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Technical workshops

A flexible phase-wise payment structure enables clients to review development and deliverables at every stage. Our resources leverage our own internally-created tools and methodologies, to deliver affordable end-to-end turnkey solutions that maximize the performance, while keeping cost exposure of the client to a bare minimum.

Mentoring For Global Expansion

Who needs mentoring?

  • Small and Medium Indian engineering Companies (MSMEs) poised to go in for global alliances, acquisitions and technology transfers
  • Overseas companies looking to expand into India. We support them in market intelligence by market analysis and advising on entering Indian market.
  • Companies who need help in projecting their strengths in the right perspective in a globalised market.

What we do

We conduct an internal audit on current operations, identify the gaps from global entities’ perspective, advise on probable solutions, support in implementing them, final auditing after implementation for verifying compliance. We strengthen their current business development process and develop their business development strategy.

Our Focus

Our mentoring solutions helps to prepare a company to get itself prepared for a global expansion

Why Continex?
  • Our international presence in UK and India.
  • Access to European market.
We can open up discussions (for Indian firms) with European firms, support in shorlisting partners, support in Partner selection process, profiling of partners, business program management, Liaise till a formal agreement is reached.

India Entry Strategies

India is a diverse and complex market place. Its diverse, multi-cultural and vast geographical reach needs a consistent understanding of the market place. We worked with many overseas companies in setting up their marketing, distribution or manufacturing base in India, Typically our expertise is in providing a preliminary feasibility study on the potential for their products / services in India supported by macro economic indicators, geographical, industry, sector, customer orientation towards them.

We help companies to devise the business model with clear detailing about Indian business environment and offer our expert suggestions on the same.

The advisory services that follow are fine tuned to arrive at a India specific business plan to detail commercial implications to their business expansion project which include govt. regulations, taxation policies, selection of location including analysing SEZs by geographical/ customer requirements, target clients, required investment, analysis of skilled manpower, infrastructure, timelines to follow and the like.

Technology Tieups/Transfers

As India grows at a consistent growth rate of about 8-9 % per annum, there is pressure on most businesses to upgrade in many ways. One significant area that Continex contributes is to enable Indian companies to improve their existing systems and machineries which are currently operating using a relatively older or obsolete manufacturing technology to a enhanced or superior technology in the near future.

As the pressure to manufacture products, sub-systems or deliver services at a much lower cost increases, it becomes significantly difficult for most companies to hold discussions with multiple prospective partners /sellers of technology within a limited time period. With office locations in both UK and India, hands-on experts in International trade, product manufacturing and consulting domains, Continex can open up discussions with prospective companies, evaluate technology needs and explore technical tie-ups with overseas manufacturers and suppliers. Our direct approach to top management helps us to establish immediate credibility of the requirements and of their business plans.


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