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Continex was set up to operate as an international consulting company operating in consulting and Engineering activity. Over the years and many satisfied customers later, Continex has evolved into a unique blend of experience, knowledge, energy, professionalism and focus.

Our sole aim is to work with knowledge and professionalism which caters to the requirements of International and Indian based clients looking to expand business globally.

Continex has a team of industry professionals who can aid global companies with their entry into India. Our expertise lies in our understanding of global markets vis a vis India. Our ability to work by the side of overseas companies in helping to find Indian customers has been tested many times. The ever growing list of customers from UK and Germany has ensured that Continex was able to set high standards of performance.

We have high level relationships with major Indian construction and utility companies, government agencies and banks. The consultancy business spans into several domains viz., Automotive, Construction, Engineering and Advanced vehicle design engineering, IT Services, Minerals, Metals and innovative products, Recycling, Environmental engineering, Renewable energy, etc.

We are able to cater to the requirements of the customer pan India. Through our network in Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai, we are able to serve customers on Pan India basis.

In the current globalised world, in order to remain competitive it is important to have sourcing options from Asian sub-continent, especially India where suppliers are currently ramping up to meet the global demand. As many manufacturers are looking to source components, intermediaries and other key materials, Continex endeavours to provide a gateway for European manufacturers to source from Asia through Contract manufacturing in a significant way. Continex has flexible, exclusive working patterns ranging from full scale product supply to specific process oriented component supply depending on customer’s requirements.


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