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Continex is a business services and consulting organization that helps global companies to expand in the Indian market. The company was set up in January 2007 in Chennai by Retlan Group, a Northern Ireland (UK) based manufacturing and engineering establishment, Continex grew into a global business services company that offers business consultancy solutions forming the whole range of strategic business expansion with specific focus on Indian market. It is headquartered in the City of Chennai, the gateway port to South India and a key engineering and automotive hub in India.

While continuing to learn and acquire knowledge seamlessly, Continex has now evolved into a complete trade services advisory firm encompassing, business development, business consulting, technology transfers, market research and mentoring for JV and global expansion. Continex has multi-sectoral focus including Automotive, Construction, Aviation, Telecom, Recycling, General Engineering and Packaging, the operation ably supported by a team which is highly experienced in Indian market.

Continex's key strength is its knowledge of Indian market and clear understanding of its diversity and the culture. As many businesses across the world are looking towards India, Continex is a choice for many global organizations to ensure they make the right decisions, meet right contacts and reduce the time they trail before taking key business decisions. Continex understands the gaps of understanding that exist when global businesses venture into Indian market.

Continex works with several Indian companies looking to expand their business, supporting and delivering some significant leads. Through its established network of contacts in India and overseas, many Indian companies have used Continex’s services to expand their businesses, especially in modernisation programmes.


17 February 2011 :
Continex co-organised with Construction Equipment Association, UK, a Trade mission to India sponsored by UK Trade & Investment.

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